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Resonance is an AU Fairy Tail role-play. You by no means need to read/watch Fairy Tail to role-play here. At most, you may need to visit the wiki to read up on certain magic types.

The plot of Resonance is almost entirely character-driven. Our characters build the story, with guidance from staff here and there. As the story progresses and magic starts to become more ingrained into society, more technology will come out, increasing quality of life among other things.

It's year x403. United under the kingdom of Aminthus, the Proteans built the Rishaj Wall as a defence against the evil of the Nayo Forest. Until a century ago, nothing had slipped past the Wall. Then a little spider demon made it to the centre of Protea and exploded, creating Ground Zero.

Since then, more and more people are born with magical abilities, which has led to a schism among Aminthians. Several choices lie before you. Will you harness magic for good or evil? Join the fight at the Wall? Attempt to destroy all magic? Or will you forge your own path? The decision is yours.

freelance 25 ♀ 22 ♂
sunguard 05 ♀ 03 ♂
bhuteraja 02 ♀ 01 ♂
cobalt star 06 ♀ 05 ♂
prime rewrite 03 ♀ 05 ♂
libarium 10 ♀ 05 ♂
beast bane 05 ♀ 02 ♂
wayward tome 02 ♀ 07 ♂
sanctus bastion 03 ♀ 05 ♂
poena damni 04 ♀ 02 ♂
total 65 ♀ 55 ♂
Resonance was created by the staff team. The skin was designed and coded by Turtle. Fairy Tail and its concepts belong to Hiro Mashima. All of the original content on this site belongs to the members who posted/created it. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

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I doubt anyone is going to be around to read this, but here goes. I'm doing it for myself, too.

I must apologise for how I acted last year in closing this site. While I do not believe the imposed rule changes were incorrect, I understand that the way I chose to announce them was not ideal. I also know now that my real problem was with the way the site was set up and not the members. I dislike progression systems, so why I made a site with one is beyond me. It was wrong of me to blame other people for using a system in the way it was meant to be used. Not only that, but I insulted most of you in my departure message and for that I am truly sorry. The entire rant was unbelievably immature and even after over a year and a half, thinking about it physically hurts me. It is a cringeworthy moment that will haunt me forever.

We had a great community and amazing plots. We had awesome staff who did a lot of lore writing and work in general, sticking by me through thick and thin. I couldn't have asked for more, but judgmental and spiteful as I was, I did not deserve it. I'm sorry for wasting your time like that. Happy RPing, or whatever you're doing now. -Turtle
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